Premium HDPE Products for Homes, Businesses & Plantations

At Tomher, you'll find a superb selection of water tanks, spiral pipes, septic tanks, gravity conveyors, MSCL pipes and tidal flap gates for your housing, oil palm plantation, aquaculture or large scale property construction needs.

Since 1994, we have been helping customers just like you who want long-lasting products crafted with top grade materials and accompanied by premium after-sale services such as product installation and product maintenance.

About Us

Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary under Ching Kuan Holdings Sdn Bhd, was set up in 1994 to market various HDPE products manufactured by its mother company. Both are based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia.

Ching Kuan Holdings, a private limited company, is involved in manufacturing high density polyethylene-based products (HDPE water tanks, pipes, septic tanks, spiral pipes, road barriers, gravity conveyors and other HDPE related products) for the construction, agriculture, government and engineering industries.

Aside offering HDPE products, we have ventured into manufacturing of Mild Steel Concrete Lining (MSCL) pipes and fittings in direct response to our customers’ needs. Our MSCL pipes and fittings are certified by IKRAM Quality & Certification Institute (IQCI) and conform to British Standard (BS) 534:1990 specification for highest standards of excellent workmanship.

Tomher Offers

  • Premium Grade Rainbow Tank
  •  Premium Grade Cuboid Tank
  •  PE Water Tank
  •  HDPE Septic Tank
  •  HDPE Pipes
  •  HDPE Spiral & Sewer Pipes
  •  MSCL Pipes
  •  PE Floats & End Cap Pipes
  •  HDPE Tidal Flap Gate
  •  HDPE Gravity Conveyor
  •  PE Road Barrier