With the passage of another year, we come back again to share the experiences in TCE TACKLES. As the legendary fishing tackle company in Malaysia, TCE TACKLES is fully committing and undoubtedly utilizing all its experiences and resources in constant dedication to research and development.

From a humble establishment with the trading name of TONG TACKLE in Lunas, soon, the trading was changed to TCE TACKLES Sdn. Bhd. The legendary fishing tackle empire began with the first showroom in Lunas. Through continuous dedication and unstoppable efforts, the business network was expanding steadily at that moment reaching out to the whole country and toward international market too.

TCE TACKLES had adhered to the policy of developing simultaneously with imported technology and autonomous research, that's how our company major technical process and soon, our reputation was established as one of the leading fishing tackle company in the arena of sport fishing. We experimented with the latest technology and technique of sport fishing products to improve the standard and quality of leisure fishing.

TCE TACKLES carries a wide range of our own fishing equipment manufacturing which are made from the finest material and give exclusive features to every angler. Additionally, TCE TACKLES is carrying worldwide renowned housing brands like TOMMAN, AJIKING, XPUYU, FIRE EAGLE, LEMAX, BAKAU, TCAMP, GL, IKAN TOMAN, VIP EXCESS, BIG CAT, BLUE EYE, FIGO and BJ. Dive to the fishing market, besides the International brands such as BANAX, STRIKE PRO, ST. CROIX, and FLAMBEAU. TCE TACKLES housing brands are widely distributing not only in local market but had also gained significant attentions in International market. AJIKING, TOMMAN, XPUYU, FIRE EAGLE and others housing brands are distributing in Southeast Asia like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. Furthermore, our housing brands gained its popularities too in New Zealand, Australia, Italy Cyprus, Maldives, and USA.

We sincerely believe the nation of "Customer First" in the business approach. Throughout our history, we adhered to our management philosophy "TEAMWORK & BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED" in our routine work both internally and externally with employees and customers. Additionally, the principle of pursuing perfect product quality and reinforcing competitive ability is representing our concern for long term relationship with our customers.

The growth of TCE TACKLES is the result of the dedication and commitment from the management, staff and the support of our customers and suppliers. With our global marketing strategies, we assure that we will provide our customers with excellent distribution network through with angler could obtain our reliable product easily. TCE TACKLES would like to express its utmost and heartfelt appreciation besides gratitude to all of our valued customers for your outstanding constributions and looking forward eagerly to your continuous supports.


The winning of Malaysia SME Golden Bull in the year of 2005, organized by NANYANG Group was a superb benchmark that served as motivational force for our future take off. Another prestigious award, the Business Submit Award 2007 was awarded to TCE TACKLES Sdn. Bhd. in the Sport & Leisure Equipment category as the Diamond Winner. Both awards had greatly mobilized us to a higher level in the worldwide fishing and angling record.