T.M. Fiberglass Technology is an established glass fibre reinforced composites fabricator. It geared with skill workforce and experience staff to always give a quality service to all our customers. We specialized in custom-made products to meet the requirement and specification of each customer, ranging from commercial molding to industrial and engineering equipment. With our experience in the composites field, we always give our clients the best service and recommendation and technical advice.


Fabrication System

General fabrication system we provide is contact moldings, spray lamination & closed moldings. For closed molding, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) machine is used for resin injection with special constructed closed moulds. We provide pultruded profiles and filament-winding process vessels.


Refrigerated Truck

Range of refrigerated truck with composite body, constructed with FRP composite and polyurethane insulation.


Playground Equipment

We supply playground equipments and FRP slides, normal slides length: 12 ft, 9 ft and 6 ft length.


Disposal Bins

We supply a wide range of rubbish disposal bin. Liter bins, town council bins from FRP to PE.


Mold Services

We have our very own team to design and build custom molds.
With such facilities, we are able to meet urgent requirement for engineered composites parts for our customer.


Industrial & Engineering Works

• We are specialized in acid proof lining and chemical tanks.
• We construct bus shelter and related light civil engineering structures.
• We supply sewage treatment vessels & oil interceptors.
• We supply roof cladding, cable joints and exchange boxes.
• We produce a range of refrigerated truck container for food industry.
• Cooling Tower components including body cells and fan stacks.
• We welcome custom molded industrial equipments.



TM Fiberglass Technology Sdn Bhd
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