SRT-EON Security Services Sdn Bhd is a member company of DRB-Hicom Group. It was formed on the 24th January 1992 through a merger between SRT Security Guard Services Sdn Bhd and Edaran Otomobil Nasional Berhad (EON) with transfer of 40% interests from the former to the latter. The merger brought another huge development in security industry with the symbiosis and insinuation between corporate values of DRB-Hicom and trace professionalism of SRT, the synergy of which was impetus to propel SRT-EON Security Services to its respectable status today as a leading security company. Originally established on 19th June 1982 as SRT Security Guard Services Sdn Bhd, SRT-EON accentuated itself from the rest by the emphasis on quality commitment and reliability. Concomitant with quintessential EON's corporate values and essential expertise that SRT inherited from years of experience, SRT-EON transcended as a leading force in security management.

The Company operates throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak with a total workforce exceeding 1800 personnel. Six Regional Offices have been set up since, in line with the momentum of expansion namely, East Malaysia; East Coast; Northern; Central 1, Central 2 and Southern in enhancing efficiency of all the 33 branches. The rapid expansion also necessitated the company to upgrade its computer systems in 1993 and later on in 1997 alongside revamps in organisation, policies and procedures. With its efficient system of operations and effective link of communications, the Head Office located at Kelana Jaya is able to maintain close monitor of all branch operations, hence enabling in depth commitment in providing customer oriented services to all our clients.

Despite the sometimes severe manpower shortage faced by security industry, SRT-EON still remains the mainstay in labour dependent armed guard, unarmed guard and CIT services. SET-EON recognises the needs for reliable, total and technologically inclined security protection systems and services, has managed to address the situation by using a collective marriage between labour oriented activities with security technology. This is why SRT-EON have created a specialised department called the HI TECH Department to cater for the markets electronic security segment. By complimenting physical security with electronic security such as CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Monitoring Services, SRT-EON will be better equipped to handle the current and future challenges within the security industry and in crime prevention activities.

SRT-EON is also prominent in playing a leading and influencing role in the Security Services Association of Malaysia (SSAM) and the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA). Spearheaded by its Executive Chairman (Y.Bhg Dato; Haji Rahmat Ismail) who is the President of APSA MALAYSIA and APSA International, SRT-EON, is in position to dictate directions of this industry towards objectives that would benefit the industry as a whole, the company and customer alike. The magnitude of success attained by SRT-EON could be measured by its long list of reputable customers. The working relationship with variety of organisations in government agencies, corporate and multinational companies have all brought additional advantage to our people in acquiring experience and skills to meet demanding expectations and to be fully ready for future challenges.

Indicative if our commitment in propagating security sand safety awareness, the company produces "Malaysia Safety & Security Journal" (MSSJ). Published quarterly and being one of its kinds in South East Asia, the Journal is fast gaining reputation and popularity for the invaluable knowledge and au courant information it carries in aspects of safety, security, loss and risk management.

SRT-EON envisages continuous growth in strength and quality that all customers should feel comfortable and convinced with our services. Devoted and committed to our motto "Security is Our Business", SRT-EON is firm on our mission to emerge as the microcosm of this industry. We take great pride and honour to receive your support and interest in establishing a beneficial and meaningful business working relationship with you.




Static Unarmed and Armed guards
The Company's core business and has been its mainstay since inception in 1982. Fully trained, reliable, trustworthy and disciplined guards provide services to hundreds of clientele ranging from domestic premises, private and commercial sectors, local authorities and government departments.


Escort Services and Bodyguards
Tailored to suit the clients' specific needs, our escort services provide armed protection during transhipment of explosive items, high value security goods and consignments and etc, whilst our bodyguard services provide close and personal protection services to VIPs and individuals with special needs, ensuring prevention of privacy infringement at all points.


Cash-in-Transit and Pay Packeting
We provide built-in armoured vehicles equipped with bullet-resistance and secured-inner compartment to transport monies and other items of value. Each of our vehicle is manned by fully armed security team to ensure safe delivery of consignments, besides being fully insured by reputed insurance companies. We also provide pay packeting services according to payroll schedules required by our clients.


Night Vaulting and Storage Services
This overnight vaulting services are available at all our branches nation-wide. You can be rest assured that your monies and valuables are safe and secured in our strong room, and fully insured pending delivery to your bankers the next day.


Consultancy Services
We also provide consultancy services in all aspects of security, consistent with government regulations in relation to NIOSH safety precautions, electronic security systems and total security management.

 Safe Deposit Boxes
We provide 300 units of various sizes od safe deposit boxes for safekeeping of valuables, located at our Headquarter operating around the clock and insured at RM20,000 per box.

Organiser and Promoter of Surity Events
We also organise talks, forums, seminars and exhibitongs on safety and security matters especially those in relation to APSA and PPKKM.


Security System Technology (Hi-Tech)


Security Parking
Security Parking is basically a value added service to address the high crime rates particularly in parking areas. Operated and run by SECURITY GUARDS itself, security parking will provide better "secured" parking environment.


Security Guard Monitoring
The parking area is guarded, monitored and administered by our well trained security guards.

 CCTV Monitoring
Incoming and outgoing vehicles are monitored through CCTV, capturing images of vehicles numbers and drivers, and the presence of security guards on the scene will deter any intention of crime.

Systematic Parking System
Systematic and reliable ticketing and computer operated systems for collection and dispensing of cash.


Coins Management

 Cash Management