About Us

Simpletag Manufacturing is a member of the dynamic, Penang-based CLPG Group Companies, affiliated with CLPG Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

Backed by CLPG Group's years of experience and diversified businesses, particularly in integrated packaging operations, Simpletag is capable of meeting all its customers changing tastes and rising demands.

Core Business:

Supply all types of Stickers, Labels and Adhesive Die-Cut.

Simpletag specializes in high quality Self-Adhesive Labels, Computer Imprint Labels, Price Tags, Bar Codes, Security Labels, Void-able Sticker, Lamination Stickers, UV varnish Labels, Numbering Stickers and etc. Simpletag has leading many of the multinational companies and factories among its valued clients.

Simpletag products are well known in various industries, such as:

- Electronic firms and their sub-contractors / Suppliers

- Automotives Industries

- Cake House and Food Industries

- Signs and Display Market

- Metal Stamping Industries

- Plastic Molding Industries

- Agriculture and Seafood Industries

At Simpletag, we strive to assist our clients to effectively project and establish their unique identities by providing creative graphic design services and high quality products.

Simpletag is constantly changing and innovating to serve its customers better. With our parent company's technology and expertise, our company continuously explores and embarks upon new related businesses to be your number one Partner-in-Progress. Simpletag Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is the best custom label printer in Penang, Malaysia. It is the no.1 label printing company and deals with custom printed labels, custom sticker printing.