The pace of economic development and property ownership, especially in the agricultural sector by large companies and individuals to open thousands of hectares of oil palm plantations as well as other commercial crops have given ample space to suppliers and dealers to conduct business activities on agricultural inputs such as agricultural chemicals, plant fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides as well as selling agricultural equipment and tools needed.

Sappoo Agriculture therefore takes this opportunity to compete on a level with the existing suppliers on behalf of the indigenous Malays who do business based on agricultural inputs to the target in the Lahad Datu district.

To move forward in this industry, Sappoo Agriculture has always and continues to RND on demand and consumption power of the customer in choosing the best product for them while giving the best service to customers at all times, to remain competitive and successful in the future.



Sappoo Agriculture was established on 1 April 2009 by Mr. Sultan Bin A. Aswar Sakka who acts as the company’s director. The location of the premises located at Bandar Sri Perdana, MDLD 6913, Ground Floor, Phase 3, 91100 Lahad Datu, Sabah.
The company was founded on his own initiative as well RND conducted on agricultural 
input supply industry grew rapidly in this area.

Although this is a newly established company, but the experience in the agricultural sector, estate management for 15 years at major companies such as IOI Corporation, Genting Group, Kwantas and the SMI’s, was finalizing the management of these companies in agriculture, as well as the knowledge learned while studying in Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) on agriculture.

He was so confident with the establishment of this company; they can compete well with existing suppliers as the agricultural sector more vibrant and capable of providing good returns to the supply company for a long time.


Sappoo Agriculture is a single wholly owned bumiputra company carrying on the agricultural input supply in the district of Lahad Datu, Kunak, Tungku, Kg. Paris and Kinabatangan, which location and its vast marketing area to be explored. Demand for agricultural input supply is so robust these days where 65% of the populations of this region are actively involved in agricultural activities that put this area as the largest oil palm plantations in Malaysia, therefore the right upscale local supply industry. 



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