Our Company

Founded in 1976, Rahim & Co has gone to become one of the largest and most established real estate consultancy firms in the country. Our network of 16 offices nationwide along with our longstanding international affiliation with Property Consultants, Savills, have allowed us to provide professional services of exceptional quality that combine the best of international standards with local know-how. Rahim & Co is registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents and the Ministry of Finance. We are one of the first property consultancy firms in Malaysia to be awarded with the quality management system accreditation ISO 9001:2000 by JAS-ANZ, an Australian International Standards Accreditation Organisation.

International Association

Rahim & Co is part of a global alliance under the banner of Savills, affording us direct access to global network.

Established in 1855, Savills Plc is one of the leading real estate advisors in the world. Their range of expertise covers all the key segments of residential, office, industrial, retail, leisure, healthcare, rural and hotel property and mixed use development schemes. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has an international network of over 200 offices, employing approximately 20,000 people.

Through the company's international affiliations, a constant finger on the pulse of a global market dynamics keeps the company regularly undated on the latest innovations and expertise. Coupled with a company culture that stresses teamwork and understanding, Rahim & Co is able to deliver quick and fluid responses to the ever-changing and increasingly demanding needs of clients.

Our Services

Rahim & Co provides a comprehensive range of services encompassing all aspects of real estate. Our main purpose is to reduce the complexities of real estate issues and to provide our clients with clear-cut solutions to real estate needs via integrated services consultancy:

  • Valuation
    Experienced valuers at your service with prudent professional advice on all aspects of valuation for wide ranging purposes including financing, sales & purchase, accounting, taxation, insurance, submission to the Securities Commission for initial public offer (IPO), mergers & acquisitions, government land acquisition and rating. It covers all segments of the property market, including agriculture & plantation, residential, commercial & industrial, hospitality & resort, plant & machinery and specialized properties such as forest concession, air space and quarries.
  • Real Estate Agency
    Divided into 6 sectors; Corporate Real Estate, Prestige Homes, Prestige Living, Residential Lettings, Industrial Real Estate and Investment, Savills Rahim & Co provide comprehensive sale, leasing and marketing services.
  • Research & Advisory
    Rahim & Co Research has through the years accumulated a wealth of information and experience that enable us to deliver comprehensive and insightful real estate market data, feasibility and market studies, forecasting, cash flow and econometric analyses - in addition to identifying "unique selling point" (USP) and formulation of marketing plans and development consultancy services for real estate projects. Furthermore, the team of Rahim & Co Research also organise seminars and produce publications relevant to the property market.
  • Property & Facilities Management
    Aimed to assist our clients to protect their investments, Rahim & Co provides professional property and facilities management services aimed at not only maintaining their real estate but also enhancing its long-term asset values by deploying quality practices. Our promise is to ensure that our clients' properties and facilities are well maintained, functionally and efficiently, and to provide uninterrupted services for the occupiers at all time.
  • Project Management
    Our scope covers development management and consultancy, project planning, project scheduling, project control, project budgeting and cost management, value management/ engineering, contract management and quality management. This is to ensure efficient and smooth running of a project from the concept stage to completion.
  • Investment Consultancy
    Utilising our multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in real estate, Rahim & Co offers investors with sound investment advice and strategies to meet their objectives. This is complemented with our Real Estate Agency service, which assists in sourcing and securing good real estate investment opportunities.


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Or visit our website at www.rahim-co.com

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