Open Top Drums

Here's an easier way to package powder, viscous and semi-solid products, with Qpack Open Top Drums. They combine safety, cost effectiveness and operational ease to offer unique advantage to the users.

Features - International Open Top (IOT) Drums:

  • World-standards Open Top Drums designs
  • Simple closing/opening mechanism with snap-fit clamping ring
  • Excellent drop impact and stacking strength
  • Leak-proof
  • Odourless and non-toxic, best for food products
  • Right sizes for optimum export container utilization
  • Conforms to UNO/IMDG Codes 

XL - Ring Drums

Qpack offers the latest XL-Ring & XXL-Ring Drums with easier handling, better stackability and excellent drop impact strength.

These patented products have set new standards in bulk packaging. Provided with two openings of 70mm each and 100% leak-proof,

these drums are best suited for packaging liquids and semi-solid products including hazardous chemicals.


  • Complete emptying - No residue and wastage
  • Extended XL-Ring for easier handling
  • Improve sealing arrangements - 100% leak-proof
  • Widest range
  • Internationally accepted designs
  • Optimum utilization of shipping containers
  • Varied options for cost-effectiveness
  • UN Approved