PosLaju is one of the oldest courier companies in Malaysia. It started in 1986 by delivering international mail under the Expedited Mail Service (EMS) banner for Pos Malaysia Berhad. Two years later in 1988, it began to offer domestic courier services under the PosLaju brand name. After 20 years in the business, PosLaju is now undisputed leading courier and express mail service provider in the country.

Each year Poslaju has shown steady growth in volume and revenue which reflects the level of confidence and trust given by our valued customers.

Poslaju has unrivalled network coverage in Malaysia with 1141 outlets offering Poslaju services comprising of 703 Post Offices, 355 Pos Mini, 56 PosLaju centres, 3 service centre and 24 agents.

Visit Our Website  :   www.poslaju.com.my

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