NICHIAS Corporation was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in thermal insulation materials.

In the ensuing century, NICHIAS has engaged in a broad spectrum of activities encompassing energy, petroleum and petrochemical plants, automobiles, construction, electronics and environmental protection.

NICHIAS’ mission is to provide thermal insulation, sealing and anti-corrosion technologies in all the fields where we operate.

NICHIAS is dedicated to delivering products and services that fulfill the diversifying needs of its customers from, traditional industries to leading-edge sectors.


  • Industrial Products
    - Specialty Polymer Products
    - Fire-resistant & Thermal Insulation Materials
    - Sealing Materials
    - Automotive Parts

  • Building Products
    - Building Materials (NA LUX)
    - Raised Floor (Omega Raised Floor System)
  • Constructions
    - Fire-resistant / Therma Insulation / Soundproofing Work