Founded in 1968, Midea is now one of the largest production and export bases in China for domestic and commercial electrical appliances.

Today, Midea Group employs up to 100,000 people and possess over ten famous brands in various industries. Whilst operating an extensive China wide marketing network the Group has also established 21 comprehensive overseas branches in countries and areas such as U.S.A, England, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada,Russia, France, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Midea group researched and studied the lighting industry for 3 years then made the serious decision to penetrate the lighting industry in 2007. Lighting is the newest industry for the group, initially investing more than USD10 million for development and expansion. Midea's clear aim is to be one of biggest lighting manufacturers in the world.

Midea Lighting was established with top industry technical experts, top lighting professionals and internationalized marketing personnel many with more than 10 years experience in the lighting industry.

With strong technical and marketing support and an even stronger supply-chain management in place, Midea launched it's lighting products at the beginning of 2008. China domestic sales networks took shape and product sales have now broken through into Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asian markets.

Our Products


Energy Saving lamp Series
Fluorescent Lamps Series
LED Series
Metal Halide Lamps Series


Fluorescent Bracket Series
Grille Fluorescent Fixtures Series
Downlight Series
Multiple Downlight Series
Track Spotlight Series
Ceiling Downlight Series
Ceiling Lamp Series
Kitchen and Restroom Lamp Series
Outdoor Lighting Series

Electronic Control Gears

Electronic Ballast Series
Electronic Transformer Series

1: Do you sell to separate customers or you do wholesale only? Can you send me a price list?
    Sorry, our main business is bulk order for export, we don"t sale directly to end-consumer, you can contact with our local market   distributor/dealer. And we regret to inform you that we will not supply any price list since it depends of the quantities you want. However, please let us know the exact items and the quantities and we will quote you the best price.

2: Do you provide samples? What are the shipping methods for samples?
    Yes, We do. But due to numerous sample requests, we are charging for the samples and freight cost. We usually ship the samples by one of the following methods:

The shipment will take 2-5days, depending on the location of the destination.

3: Do you accept OEM & ODM orders?
    We encourage our customers to use the Midea brand to receive marketing support from us as well as to utilize the brand"s established  value. We accept OEM & ODM orders as well on the basis of quantity and price.

4: Do you have minimum quantity requirement?
    Yes, we have different minimum quantities for trial orders and repeating orders. They also depend on the items you want. For details, please contact any of our sales managers.

5: We need Pre-Shipment Inspection. Can you arrange it?
    We have our own inspection system. If you need to inspect the goods in person before shipment, please make arrangements with one of our sales managers.

6: What is your normal delivery lead-time?
    We normally accept about 30days lead-time in the contract. However, upon customers`request, we always make delivery as early as possible. The delivery lead-time is longer in the peak seasons and shorter through the rest of the year.

7: Can you help me with the shipping arrangement?
    Yes, we can. With a sizeable and growing shipping volume every year, Midea has established excellent cooperate relations and procedures with some world famous shipping companies that allows Midea priorities in making the shipping arrangements.

8: Do you supply spare parts?
    For our products, we offer sufficient and timely parts supply.

9: What is your agency policy?
     Please kindly check the Distribution, and contact with the sales manager.