Methodist College Kuala Lumpur(W4P0022) (MCKL) was founded in January 1983 with a mission to nurture a community where excellence, in all its forms, is celebrated; and where individuals come alive to their God-given ability to make a unique difference in the world.

Located in the rapidly developing area of Brickfields and KL Sentral, MCKL has been providing quality pre-university programmes since its inception over 30 years ago. Both the GCE A Level KPT/JPS(KR9208)07/13 and Australian Matriculation KPT/JPS(KR9207)07/18 (WACE) programmes have successfully prepared numerous students for admission to overseas universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, India and many other countries, as well as to local private university colleges.

As an early pioneer in Early Childhood studies, MCKL began offerings its Diploma in Early Childhood Education JPT/BPP(KR10682)12/14 programme in 2005. Later in 2009, MCKL added the Certified Accounting Technician KPT/JPS(KA9696)01/14 (CAT) programme to its list.

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur awards scholarships to post-SPM/GCSE/IGCSE O-Level students who commence their studies at MCKL. Students with excellent SPM/GCSE/IGCSE O-Level results will be considered for various scholarships for the following courses of study:

A-Level (Science)
10 A+/As & above
Full tuition scholarship
8 to 9 A+/As
Partial (50%) scholarship
5 to 7 A+/As
Partial (25%) scholarship
A-Level (Arts) & Australian Matriculation (WACE)
8 A+/As & above
Full tuition scholarship
6 to 7 A+/As
Partial (50%) scholarship
5 A+/A/A-s
Partial (25%) scholarship
Certified Accounting Technician
9 A+/A/A-s & above
Full tuition scholarship
7 to 8 A+/A/A-s
Partial (50%) scholarship
Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Dip.ECE)
5 A+/As & above
Full tuition scholarship
4 A+/As
Partial (50%) scholarship
3 A+/A/A-s
Partial (25%) scholarship
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur also offers Special Scholarships, the Student Leader & Achievement Award, as well as Financial Aid. For more information on these, please visit our website at

Terms and conditions apply. A limited number of scholarships will be offered. Scholarship applications MUST be accompanied by a completed admission form and applicable fees.

The information presented on this page is accurate as of 30 August 2013 and is subject to change without prior notice. Methodist College Kuala Lumpur does not accept liability for any error or omission. If you are in doubt as to the validity of the information made available, it may be in your best interests to seek verification by contacting us via phone at (603) 2274 1851 0r email at