◊ More than 13 rooms
 ◊ Water Heater
 ◊ Air-Conditioning
 ◊ BBQ Facilities
 ◊ Karaoke singing in the living hall

Other Features

 ◊ Nature park
 ◊ Temple cave
 ◊ Popular tourist destination
 ◊ Rainbow waterfall
 ◊ Museum

The room rate are from RM 75
The BBQ area are charged from RM 48 - RM 60


5060-1610-4004 ( Maybank )
112-0100-7203 ( Hong Leong Bank )

Lembin Village Resort Is The First Luxury Holiday Resort In
Sungai Lembing, Kuantan...... 

Lembin Village Resort has more than 13 rooms, standard suites, all rooms are elegantly furnished with air-conditioning and the special feature is the karaoke singing session in the living hall, which let you croon the night away, with selection of hits and a high-tech karaoke system which is ideal for family and friends.

Barbecue session available at Lembin Village Resort as you can experience a blissful ambience and breath taking moments not to be missed.

Interesting place to visit near Lembin Village Resort...

Sg Lembing

Sg Lembing Hill ( Bukit Panorama ), just beside the village's market centre and a more 20 min climb to the summit.
Catch a fantastic view of a morning sunrise from the South China Sea and a panorama view of the entire Sg Lembing village.

Sg Lembing Museum

Sg Lembing Museum, this refurbished former general managers bungalow has been reconstructed to give the
appearance and atmosphere of a working time.

Charas Cave

8km from Sg Lembing is a small village named Panching, you may visit the impressive limestone outcrop on Bukit
Charas Caves which contains a 30-foot reclining Buddha.

Hanging bridge or 'Jambatan Gantung'

Sungai Lembing have a few hanging bridge to connect the people from the other side of the river to the main town.

Jambatan Gantung mean hanging bridge and it is use by the local to walk and you can even ride a motobike on this

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