The Company Objectives :

  • To EDUCATE, TRAIN AND PROVIDES Trainees/Drivers with up-to-date information in terms of Theory and Practical Lessons about The Highway Codes, Defensive Driving, Vehicle Maintenance, and all aspects of Road Safety.
  • To Build Towards A Nation of Safe Drivers.
  • To minimize road accidents by giving proper Education, Training, Guidance, and Discipline,
    in line with The Road Transport Departments (JPJ) programmes.
          The Company Vision :
  • To established Marketing Branches/Outlets all over West Coast (Sabah).
  • To provide The Best Facilities and up-to-date information in terms of New Technology.
  • To be the BEST DRIVING INSTITUTE in Sabah, Malaysia.
Our Address :

Khidmat Memandu Kinabalu Sdn Bhd
5KM, Off Jalan Dongongon,
Kg. Mahandoi, P.O Box 171,
89507 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel No : 088-77 1695, 088-76 7695, 088-77 2695, 088-77 3695
Fax No : 088-77 5695
E-mail : /