Company Profile

Jinhui Industries Sdn Bhd ("JHI") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sin Yuan Enterprise Sdn Bhd, and belongs to the Sin Yuan Group of companies that specializes in the distribution of various light industrial, construction, food machinery, agriculture machinery and equipment.

The history of JHI can be traced back to 1976 when the founders of the Company started their business as a small machinery retailer. In line with the business growth, JHI was set up to manufacture construction equipment that is widely used for infrastructure projects. The Company commenced operation in 1994.

Prior to March 2002, JHI's principal activities comprise the manufacture of light machinery and equipment. Its products were distributed via its related company, Sin Yuan Machinery Sdn Bhd.

Effective from March 2002, in tandem with the Group's business plans to streamline its distribution activities, JHI took over the distribution business of construction equipment and pneumatic tools. Hence, other than its own manufactured products, JHI also imports equipment from Japan, China, Taiwan and Europe for onward distribution in Malaysia.