Global Potential (M) Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia as a trading company that focuses in three main subjects:

♦ Power cables and cable accessories.

Vacuum equipment and systems.

Industrial Automation and Control.

The rapid growth and the constant demand in the local and international markets, helped Global Potential expand it's operationto become a "one stop shop", and a leading source for supplying electrical engineering equipment and accessories in Malaysia and abroad.

As a dynamic and experienced team, the company's staff are energetic in handling new orders and transferring them into long
term contracts. As a "client oriented company" we strive and seek for new ways of improving our products and services.

Global Potential sees itself as a cutting-edge organization with an excellent combination of competent personnel with expertise
in various fields and a customer-focus oriented.


Comprehensive vacuum equipment & solutions
Power cables & cable accessories
Industrial Automation and Control

Our Vision

At Global Potential we make every effort to consistently better our understanding of our clients needs and to ensure we provide them with a cutting edge, top of the line products with competitive prices and to become a one stop shop for all electrical engineering equipment and accessories.

Our Mission

Global Potential will devote its innovative ideas, sound management know-how and belief in continuous improvement, strong focus on customer service and play a pro-active role as a electricity service and supplier provider.

We will operate as a dedicated partner, serving and growing together with all of our customers from the private and public sector
in Malaysia and abroad.

Our Product Range :

  • Cable and wire and accessories
  • Cross-linked Polythylene (XLPE) Power Cable
  • PVC Insulted cables
  • Aerial bundle cables
  • Fire-Resistent cables / Flame Retardant Cables
  • Cable accessories

Vacuum Equipment and Accessories :

  • First stage : Rotaty Van Pumps, Roots, Pumps, Diaphgram Pumps.
  • Second Stage : Diffusion Pumps, Turbo Molecular Pump, Ion Pump
  • Flange Fitting : NW, ISO, CF, ASA
  • Vacuum piping
  • Valves ; Gate, Ball, Diaphgram, Needle; Manual, Pneumatic and Solenoid operated
  • Gauges : active srain, Thermocouple, Pirani, Capacitance, Ion
  • Manipulators and Load-locks
  • O-rings, Sealants, Connectors and vacuum Fluids