Since its establishment in 1994, FRANEVYNS has been servicing customers based on its three core principles of faithfulness, effectiveness, and constant pursuit of excellence. FRANEVYNS has its headquarter based in Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam, which is responsible in determining the development strategy for the company, apart from providing assistance in achieving business targets. It is a skincare as well as health food production factory which combines together the expertise in the field of development, design, production and OEM/ODM. Indeed, OEM/ODM is the business mode which makes the company prominent among its competitors. FRANEVYNS ensures its products - be it in the process of sourcing, prescription, production, quality management, or packaging - are all handled in a highly systematic and professional way.

The production factories under FRANEVYNS possess certification in GMP. To date, the company has about 30 staffs. The core business of FRANEVYNS focuses on the development and production of health food and beauty care products. It has products of both the company's own brand and OEM/ODM, available in retail and distribution mode.

FRANEVYNS ensures every detail in the manufacturing process of its products is well taken care of, hence guaranteeing the high quality requirement of the products. Utilising its professionalism, FRANEVYNS strives to go beyond its customers' expectation by employing up-to-date technologies, hence making its products stand up among all its competitors. The products are available in reasonable prices. The company bases it services on the ultimate objective of providing its customers the most comprehensive services they deserve, while paying attention to innovative ideas, and fulfilling the market' demands.


Popular among global customers, FRANEVYNS's own products consist of LA'DERM, SKIN REVOLUTION, WL IN 2, and SLENDERINE.

Originating in Italy, LA'DERM has not only inherited the essence of Europe's skincare secrets, but also combined Europe's unique sense of romantic and fashion style. It is designed specifically for young men and ladies who are enthusiastic, modern, independent, curious, and dare to try out new things. Its slogan "Body. Emotion. Soul. Timeless." houses the ultimate energy called "BEST". LA'DERM is capable of removing skin problems and reviving beauty, thus offering its users the confidence they long for, and in turn, achieving a long-lasting healthy and perfect skin. LA'DERM is available in the following series: neutral dry skin series, mixed oil skin series, sensitive prevention series, reviving series, eye-brightening series, body whitening series, and sun-blocking series.
Designed for elegant women, SKIN REVOLUTION fights with wrinkles and repairs skin in an effective way, preventing all kinds of skin problems. It combines the oil essence and active ingredients of plants together with up-to-date formulas as well as technology, aiming at producing healthy skin that is shinny, clear, clean, white and soft. It has the Plant Puredew whitening Series and Placenta Series.
SLENDERINE is another professional beauty care product which puts together the essence from Eastern and Western therapies. The technique it uses is relying on concepts from medical beauty. Through comprehensive diagnosis and careful prescription of treatment based on medical theories from the East and the West, SLENDERINE aims to overcome beauty problem right from its root.
FRANEVYNS also offers OEM/ODM processing services to economically-independent agents who have their own network. OEM is a professional brand which helps third parties to develop, process, and produce their products without risking themselves to invest in these processes.
The following products, semi-products and processing services are also provided:
Products: skin care products, health food

Specialising in: facial treatment, body treatment, chest treatment, hand treatment

Functions: face cleaning, cosmetics, moisturiser, essence, mask, foundation, massage cream, oil

Effects: moisturise, dehydrate, supplement, whitening, revitalise, oil control, anti-wrinkle, anti-sensitive, sunblock, detoxification, getting rid of pimples

Nature: cream, lotion, cherry, essence, liquid, gel, mask, ampoules

FRANEVYNS is looking forward to flourish with its customers through the innovative technologies, East-West new concept therapies, satisfying after-sale service, as well as its steady management strategies. 

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