A subsidiary of FlameLite (S) Pte Ltd Singapore is the specialist manufacturer, supplier, contractor and distribution of the following glass products :

-   Fire Rated Glass Door And Screen System (Bomba Approved)
-   Armour-Lite : Structural Anti Bandit Glass Screen System
-   Armour-Lite Anti Terrorist Glazing System
-   Ammunition-Lite Bullet Resistance Glazing Glass
-   Crystal-Lite Impact Resistance Structural Glass Shower Screen
-   Compartment-Lite Frameless Fire Rated Glass Fixed Screen System
-   Compartment-Lite Air-Tight Fire Rated Reffuse Hopper
-   Grenade-Lite Anti Bandit Glass
-   Grenade-Lite Bomb Resistance Glass
-   Suppression-Lite Automatic Extinguisher
-   Star-Lite
-   Isoptope-Lite X-Ray Shielding Glass Door and Screen System
-   Architectural Glass Such As Heat Strengthened, Tempered, Laminated, Reflective, Double-Glazed, Curved   And Decoration Glass
-   Curtain Walling System

With our experience and well trained staff, we are able and ready to assist you in every aspect of design, selection, costing and compliance to Authorities By-Laws in terms of glass usage to meet performance and aesthetic needs.



Structural and Insulated Fire Resistance Glass Doors and Screens specially designed and manufactured to comply with bye-laws and regulations stipulated under the local Code of Fire Precautions for Buildings, Bomba Malaysia and SIRIM.


1. Life & escalator enclosure
2. Compartmentation
3. Atrium enclosure
4. Separation between different occupancy groups
5. Inter floor staircases