Felda Travel is a leading corporate travel agent in Malaysia and has over 20 years of experience in the business of servicing the sophisticated and discerning needs of the business travelers. Felda Travel is a member of the diversified Felda Holdings Bhd which provides commercial support to the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA). Felda Holdings is one of Malaysia's largest diversified agro-based organizations.

We are divided into 2 divisions namely Travel Division and Residences Division, which provide various products and facilities.

Felda Travel Sdn Bhd provides the following services:


 ≈ Ticketing -Domestic/International       
 ≈ Inbound /Outbound Tour
 ≈ Hajj and Umrah
 ≈ Hotel Reservation
 ≈ Transportation/Car rental
 ≈ Travel Insurance
 ≈ Golf Packages
 ≈ Visa Application
 ≈ Special Interest
 ≈ Events Management



 ≈ Hot Springs
 ≈ Accommodation
 ≈ Team building facilities
 ≈ Training facilities
 ≈ Seminar Halls
 ≈ Meeting & Conference rooms
 ≈ Caving/youth camps 
 ≈ Plantation Tours
 ≈ Rafting











Being an IATA as well as MATTA accredited agent, Felda Travel carries out transactions with all major airlines both domestic and international. Due to our good standing with these major airlines, especially Malaysia Airlines, Felda Travel has been consistently awarded with the Malaysia Airlines Annual Million-Ringgit award, a prestigious acknowledgement of its achievement. Felda Travel aspires to provide a strong, continuous and long term relationship with all its business partners in the travel industry. Our employees are committed, efficient in our endeavors to provide value added services to fulfill our clients' satisfaction.