At Detpak, we understand that printed packaging is not just a means to hold or transport food products, it's a way to build and drive your brand, and to add value to the consumer's experience. The options are endless with the ability to print your brand in multiple colours on bags, wraps, cartons and cups, with photographic quality achievable on many products.

Detpak offers a large range of reusable and recyclable bags made from premium quality paper. Our Check-Out and Take-Away Food Bags are an environmentally responsible alternative to common plastic bags and an excellent tool to boost your business' brand image. Our Window-Strip Bakery Bags promote a quality image and provide optimum product viewing

Detpak provides an extensive range of Cups and Cup Accessories for the coffee-to-go and take-away food industries. The Detpak Ripple-WrapTM Hot Cup has a unique corrugated paper wrapping like no other, and is the perfect tool for making your business stand out in today's competitive coffee-to-go world.

Detpak offers an array of food Wraps, each with a functional lining to suit any type of 'on-the-go' consumption market. Our Wraps can be used as tools to hygienically handle products, or as liners in food service environments. Foil lined and waxed wraps offer grease resistance and retain the heat of hot foods. All Wraps have a paper outer for superior printing to ensure your brand is expertly promoted in the market place.