Demco Industries is a manufacturing company specialising in the design, development and production of fire detection and alarm products and accessories for use in commercial and residential buildings.

The Company was formed in 1981. Through the years, it has gained extensive technological know-how and acquired advanced machinery that has greatly enhanced its technical ability and manufacturing capacity to produce a wide variety of fire-fighting products.

Besides marketing its products under the brand name DEMCO, the company, as OEM, also manufactures
for a number of international brands.

Today, Demco Industries is among the leading fire-fighting products manufacturers in Malaysia,
and is poised to become one of the major manufacturers in the fire industry in the region.


Heat Detectors

Demco Heat Detectors D-103 employ the principle of electrother-modynamics, the science of relation between heat and electro-mechanical actions. They are professionally designed to work reliably with most fire detection system with central control equipment. These units feature a double stage fire detection by employing two distinct methods: Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature, both of which are open circuits designs designed to close an electrical circuit upon activation. The Demco Heat Detectors meet the requirement of UL521.

Demco Advantages

  • Double sensitivity (rate of rise & fixed temperature)
  • Interchangeable base
  • Easy installation
  • Double terminal wire connector
  • LED indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide voltage variation
  • Auto reset (rate-of-rise mode)
  • Durable


Fire Alarm Bell

Demco fire alarm bells are professionally designed to meet the needs of fire fighting and detection system with central control equipment. The simplicity of the design incorporates fewer working parts, easy installation and high level of efficiency, thus making the bells capable for operating under most adverse conditions. Demco fire alarm bells are designed to meet the requirements of BS5839
Part 1.

Demco Advantages

  •  Well proven high reliability
  • Plug-in power supply
  • Interchangeable base
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Zero standby current
  • Low current consumption
  • Loud and clear ringing tone
  • Universal application-available in three DC voltages —6V, 12V and 24V. AC voltages available in 110V and 240V for use with most alarm systems.


Electromagnetic Door Holders

Demco Electromagnetic Door Holders D-111 are attractively designed and ruggedly constructed. The contact plate can be adjusted to suit any door angle. Demco Electromagnetic Door Holders have a minimum holding force of approximately 35/50kg and can hold most type of doors.

Demco Advantages

  • Incorporation of manual release switch
  • Residual magnetism release electronic circuit – for instant release
  • Wide angle rotateable contact plate
  • High holding force

Electronic Sounders

Demco Sounder D-115 is a versatile, compact electronic sounder that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazard warning. This solid-state sounder offers significantly high output levels at low current consumption. The casing is designed using a high grade ABS engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat.

Demco Advantages

  • Functional-Inherent design offers wide operating voltage range
  • Efficiency-Low power consumption with high output
  • Accessible-Removable conduit plug offers easy conduit entries
  • Versatile-Suitable for surface or flush mounting
  • Practical Design-Provision of thread protection plugs protect brass inserts when conceal fixing is necessary
  • Compatible-Works perfectly well with most detection systems


Call Point

Demco Manual Call Point D-101 is suitable for open or close circuit system and is professionally designed for use in fire detection systems with central control equip-ment. Alternative terminals are provided for open or close circuits. When wired for open circuit oper-tion, the circuit closes instantly when the glass is smashed. Openings are provided for 3/4" O conduit entries from top, bottom and the back. The base box is also provided with fixing holes for surface wiring. The casings are moulded from specially selected engineering plastic, which comes in 5 different colours, with high impact strength, high resistance to heat. All non-electrical metal parts are made of brass and phosphor bronze to ensure life long resis-tance against corrosion. And all electrical contacts are   made of pure silver. Demco Manual Call Point D-101 is designed to meet the requirement of BS5839 Part 2 and approved by Australian Standard AS1603 Part 5.

Demco Advantages

  • Double terminal wire connectors for independent input and output connections which facilitate installations when used in looping.
  • Provision of thread protection plugs which protect the thread of the brass inserts on the base box when conceal fixing is necessary.
  • Incorporation of the manually operated test push button which permits the front cover to be opened without activating the alarm.


Smoke Detector

DEMCO Photoelectric Smoke Detector D-213 with its new sensor design incorporates an internal pulsing LED and a photo-diode at an obtuse angle, is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely. The D-213 has an advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry and are designed for 2-Wire installation using the D3X001 universal base. The detector head is installed into the base with a simple twist-lock action. The 360-degree detector design permits smoke entry from any direction, and a unique sensing chamber that permits operation in open areas with air velocities from 0 to 300 fpm. A fine wire mesh extending between offset ports in the exterior and interior walls screens insects from the chamber and obstructs light from passing directly to the interior part.

    Demco Advantages

    • Certification/Listing-UL, CE and BSI.
    • Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms.
    • Advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry.
    • Suitable for the majority of application conditions.
    • Easy installation, testing and maintenance.
    • Sleek low-profile housing design.
    • Flashing LED in standby mode.
    • Robust and reliable sensor head.
    • Two red LEDs to allow 360-degree viewing.
    • A fine mesh insect screen protects the chamber area i.e. to avoid potential nuisance alarms.
    • Optional/integrated heat detector for D213-2H and D213-2HL models.


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