Biosis Marketing was founded in 1990 with the purpose to offer amenities for the hotel industry. The growing demand and requirements of our customers have make us researched and developed the most extensive and complete line of hotel amenities.

    We have a wide selection of formulas for the manufacturing of shampoo, conditioning shampoo, coditioner, soap, bubble bath, body lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste and many more. They can be customized in a great variety of options in color, tecture and fragrance. We also carry an extensive line of accessories like shower cap, sewing kit, hygiene bag, medicine chest, shoe polish and many others.

     We only use the best materials in the manufacturing of our products. We are an ISO9001 : 2000 and GMP certified company and every process of our manufacturing is strictly monitored for quality excellence. Also, our Art & Designing Department is recently set-up to allow our customers to work closely with us for the development of new innovative products and packaging. This ensures our customers are fully satisfied and allow them to be at the forefront on amenities.


 " Nourishing Your Life "