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Alwira Jaya was incorporated in 1992, specialising in the manufacturing of a wide variety of engineering plastic parts. with the increasing demand for plastic parts and the booming industries in the local and global markets, alwira jaya has grown from strength to strength. today, with its main concentration in high performance engineering plastic parts.

The company is in constant supply to the related industries, namely the food, electronic/electrical, chemical, mechanical, agricultural industries, etc. our team of experienced qualitystaff can assist with technical matters or with material selection. service is not a problem as we could also arrange to deliver goods to neighbouring singapore. in its quest to stay competitive,

The company is committed to constant quality control in its products and services. this should result in maintaining a happy and strongrelationship with its customers.

Our Products


Mc Nylon

Monomer Cast Nylon

  • Due to its ideally balanced physical properties, mc nylon has been applied to a wide range of ndustries. it enables its user to easily machine into various shapes of parts. mc nylon offers the combination of excellent mechanical properties, providing high toughness and wear, impact and fatigue resistance. in addition to standard sizes, we also provides the customized casting service following customers requests.

Main Characteristics

  • Balanced physical properties
  • Excellent machinability
  • Wide size range
  • Various applications
  • Customized casting possible

Main Applications

  • Various Types Of Bearing,Wheel, Gear, Sprocket, Wear Pad. Etc

Mc Nylon Grades

  • Provides The Various Grades, Fulfilling Customers' Extensive Engineering Needs.

Mc- Blue, Nat

  • Basic Grades Of Mc Nylon. They Are The Most Widely Used Mc-Nylon Grade.

Mc- Moly

  • Mc-Moly's Internally Added Molybdennium Significantly Improves Frictional Properties.
  • It Is Suitable For The Parts Requiring Good Sliding Properties And High Wear And Abrasion Resistance.


  • Oil-Filled Grade. Suitable For The Contact Part Which Moves In High Speed Under Low Weight Load.


  • Wax-Filled Grade. Suitable For The Contact Part Which Moves In Low Speed Under High Weight Load.


  • Mc-Esd Is The Speciality Grade Which Provides Excellent Anti-Static Properties. While Keeping The Basic Properties Of Mc-Nylon, Its Internally Added Graphite Significantly Reduces Electric Resistance To 10. This Grade Is Suitable To The Parts Which Require The-Static Properties In Semiconductor Or Electric/Electronic Industries.

Pom Grades

Pom-Eds R10

  • Its Anti-Static Property Lasts Steadily In High Temperature And Humidity. It Performs Well In A Cleanroom  Environment. Its Conductivity Is 10

Pom-Cnt R6

  • Pom Cnt Is Manufactured Out Of The Carbon-Nano-Tube Compounded Pom Resin, Which Significantly Improves The  Anti-Static Performamce. Its Conductvity 10. It Offers Stable Dissipative Performance Regardless Of Any Changes In Outer Environment.


  • Pom-C Is A Semi-Crystalline Copolymer. It Provides High Strength And Toughness Together With Low Moisture Absorption And Good Machinability. Especially, Its Low Moisture Absorption Leads To The Superb Performance In A Wet Environment, While Its Mechanical Properties And Dimensional Stability Remains Unchanged. It Also Offers Excellent Resistance To A Wide Range Of Organic Solvents And Chemicals.

Main Characteristics

  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance To Most Chemicals

Main Applications

  • Parts Requiring The High Dimensional Stability (Gear, Guide Roller, Bearing, Etc)  


High Density Polyethylene

  • High Density Polyethelen Stock Shape Provides Superb Machinability And Physical Properties. It Is Used In A Variety Of Applications. In Particular, It Fulfills The Fda Food-Related Norms, Making It Suitable To Food Contact Parts. We Provide A Wide Range Of Sizes In Response To A Variety Of Customers' Requests.

Main Characteristics

  • Economical
  • Adaptable To Food Contact Parts
  • Wide Size Range
  • Various Applications

Main Applications

  • Tank, Food-Contact Parts, Quide Roller, Conveyor Screw, Etc.

Hdpe Grades

Neutron Shielding Hdpe Sheet

  •  We Supply The Hdpe Sheet Specifically Designed For The Neutron-Shielding Application. Its Highly Accumulated Hydrogen Atoms Effectively Prevent The Progress Of Neutron. Main Application In This Area Covers The Neutron-Shielding From The Nuclear Reactor And Other Related Facilities.



  • Polypropylene Stock Shape Is Also Widely Used In A Variety Of Application Due To The Economical Price And Adaptability To Food Contact Parts. It Provides The Higher Hardness Than Hdpe. Its High Resistance To Chemicals Makes It Suitable For The Parts In Chemical Facilities And Electroplating Facilities. We Provide A Wide Range Of Sizes In Response To A Variety Of Customers' Requests.

Main Characteristics

  • Economical
  • Adaptable To Food Contact Parts
  • Wide Size Range
  • Various Applications

Main Applications

  • Cutting Board, Chemical Tank, Electroplating Facility, Etc



  • Polycarbonate Stock Shape Provides Strong Impact Strength, High Dimensional Stability And Good Electrical Properties. It Is Suitable To The Mock-Up Application And Other Insulating Purpose.

Main Characteristics

  • High Impact Strength
  • High Creep Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability

Main Applications

  • Mock-Up Application, Insulating Application.
    Note: The Application Of Pc Is Limited In Non-Optical Purposes



  • Peek Is Manufactured By Extruding Poly-Ether-Ether-Keton Rein. It's Continuous Service Temperature Is 250'c. Peek Provides Excellent Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical. And Electrical Properties.

Main Characteristics

  • Inflammable
  • Excellece In Thermal Properties
  • Excellence In Physical / Mechanical Properties
  • Superb Wear / Creep Resistance
  • Superb Water Resistance
  • Superb Radioactive Resistance

Main Applications

  •  Parts Related To Semi-Conductor Facility, Lcd Manufacturing Facility, Fine Machining Facility, Chemical Plant, Electroplating Facility And Insulating Materials.
    Note : Physical Properties Tend To Be Drastically Changed Around 150c Of Glass Transition Temperature.

Peek Grades

Peek-Cnt R6

  • Peek Cnt Is Manufactured Out Of The Carbon-Nano-Tube Compounded Peek Resin, In Addition To The Basic Properties Of Peek, It Also Offers Excellent Anti-Static Performance. Especially Is Is Suitable To The Application Requiring High Performamce Temperature And Stable Conductivity. It's Conductivity Is 10.
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