ALS is a global leader in the testing, inspection and certification industry. Providing services to government, multi-national companies, manufacturers, traders, consultants and mining companies across the world. ALS has four divisions; Life Sciences, Minerals, Energy and Industrial.

Globally ALS processes more than 10 million samples per year and is one of the largest TIC companies in the world. ALS employs more than 13,000 staff in over 350 locations in +50 countries throughout Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

ALS provides a broad range of sophisticated, state-of-the-art services to eleven market segments:

  • Environmental (air, water, soil, sediment, waste, biota)
  • Food & Pharmaceutical (food safety, medical devices and cosmetics)
  • Tribology (lubricant analysis and condition monitoring)
  • Coal (exploration, production, superintending and training)
  • Oil & Gas (sampling, characterization evaluation and monitoring)
  • Mine Site Geochemistry and Metallurgy
  • Electronics (Micro-contamination testing)
  • Asset Care (non-destructive and mechanical testing)


Our environmental laboratory provides full analytical testing services specializing in metals, volatile and semi-volatile organics, inorganics, nutrients and microbiological analysis in a wide range of sample matrices covering soil, surface water, wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, seawater, sediments, waste, air and biota. Our chemists have valuable experience working on projects related to the chemical, electronics, petroleum, mining, marine, agriculture and waste management industries.

We provide accredited testing services according to the APHA, USEPA, ASTM, ISO, MS and JIS Standards as part of our global commitment in meeting industry requirements in both local as well as international arenas.


  • Drinking / Portable Water (WHO Guidelines)
  • Seawater / Riverwater
  • Wastewater Effluent Discharge
  • Groundwater / Passive groundwater sampling
  • Porewater
  • Swimming Pool / Cooling Tower
  • Offshore Produced Water Characterization
  • Oil Spill Charaterization
  • Field Sampling Services
  • Online Water Monitoring Systems


  • Contaminated Site Assessment Analysis (USEPA / Dutch / JIS)
  • Marine Sediment
  • Hazardous Waste Characterization (TCLP / TTLC)
  • Agricultural Soil
  • Soil Gas


  • Stack Emission (USEPA, MS Standrads)
    • Dust / Acids / Heavy Metals / Organics
    • Dioxins & Furans
  • Ambient Air (USEPA)
    • Dust / Acids / Heavy Metals / Organics
    • SUMMA Canister Sampling
    • Vapor intrusion
    • Odor investigation
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


  • Ultra-Trace Metals (ppt levels)
  • Mercury and Arsenic Speciation
  • Microbiological (SRB, Legionella, Pathogen)
  • Microtox / Ecotoxicology
  • Ultra-Trace Organics (ppt levels)
  • Organo Tin compounds
  • Dioxin / Furans / PCB Congeners (USEPA Method 1613)
  • Asbestos Identification
  • Explosives
  • On-site laboratory management and setup services


  • RoHS / WEEE Compliance Testing


We offer a wide vary of analytical testing services to support industrial hygiene testing services and to assist our clients in promoting human health. Our counterpart lab in the United States have been  accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Since 1974, and served as the primary method development contract laboratory for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for over 30 years.

We provide accredited testing services on hazardous chemicals in the workplace following NIOSH, OSHA, and USEPA criteria in a wide range of sample matrices covering airborne contaminants (sorbent tubes, passive samplers, impinger solutions), swabs, surface wipes, bulk samples and biological fluids (blood and urine).


  • Heavy Metals
         - Welding / Solder fumes profile (Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Mn, Mo, Ni, V, Zn)
         - Mercury and Mercury Speciation
  • Total And Respirable Particulates
  • Organic compounds
         - BTEX, Aromatic Hydrocarbon,
         - Chlorinated solvents, pesticides
         - Diesel Particulate, PAHs, Coal Tar Volatiles
  • Microbiological (Bacteria, Legionella, Mold, Endotoxin)
  • Acid Gases
  • Asbestos Identification (PLM, PCM, TEM techniques)


  • Urinary Biomarkers
    • Benzene metabolites (S-PMA, Phenol, Muconic acid)
    • Inorganic / Organic Mercury
    • n-Hexane metabolite (2.5 Hexanedione)
    • Pesticides (Cholinesterase), Toluene (Hippuric acid)


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