Company Profile


ALAFIA was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company in 1982. Its business is in three main division:

  1. Fluid Sealing Products
  2. Fluid Control Products
  3. Water and wastewater treatment


Its premises is in Kepong and occupied a two storey terrace factory with a total area of about 300 sq meters which house its administration, sales and warehouse facilities.


Alafia is one of the more prominent suppliers of disinfectant, biological products, industrial fluid sealing and control products in Malaysia, Its customers include sewerage plants, food and drink processing, shipyards, petroleum and refinery, palm oil refinery, chemical process plant, food industry, power plant, shipping agencies and ship chandlers.

We have a wide dealers' network through out all the states in Malaysia that give support to local customers in each of the state.


Our company main activities are divided into three divisions, namely:

  • Fluid Sealing Products
  • Fluid Control Products
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Fluid Sealing Products

We provide a wide range of fluid sealing products as follow:

  • Natural rubber and Synthetic rubber
  • Cellulose Fibre
  • Cork sheets
  • Compressed Asbestos and Non Asbestos jointing sheet
  • Graphite Materials
  • PTFE and Expanded PTFE sheet
  • Boilers' Spares
  • Spiral Wound gaskets
  • Metallic Ring Joints
  • Metal Jacketed Gaskets
  • Compression Mechanical packing and Mechanical Seals

Fluid Control Products

For fluid control products, our range of products is as follows:

  • Globe valves - low to high pressure
  • Piston valves - medium pressures
  • Below sealed valves - medium to high pressures
  • Ball valves - low to high pressures
  • Check valves - medium pressures
  • Gate valves - high pressures
  • Reflex glass level gauges - low to medium pressures
  • Transparent glass level gauges - medium to high pressures
  • Magnetic level gauges - medium to high pressures
  • Pressure gauges - low to medium pressures
  • Needle Valves - medium to high pressure

Water and waste water treatment

Under this division, we undertake the following projects:

  • We represent Sanosil Ltd, Switzerland in their environmental friendly disinfectant and biological products for drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment for all type of industries
  • Repairs retrofit and spare supply for wastewater treatment plant. We work closely on projects in collaboration with Graver Water System USA. Most of the wastewater treatment plants that we work on are from Graver Water System that supplied their equipment as part of a main contract of a power plant, refinery and chemical process plant
  • Design and build wastewater treatment plant


We hold the following distributorship for our products:

  • Fluid Sealing: "Tesnit" brand from Donit Slovenia
  • Fluid Sealing: "Sealrite" brand from UK
  • Fluid Sealing: "Beldam: brand from UK
  • Fluid Sealing: "Topog E brand from USA
  • Fluid Sealing: "Maloney" brand from USA
  • Fluid Control: "Bonetti" brand from Italy
  • Fluid Control: "Marsh" brand from USA
  • Waste Water Treatment: Sanosil Ltd